ImmuTic Technology

We are an integral part of nature. The closer we move towards natural processes and products, the healthier we get. With such benefits, it becomes vital for us to switch to healthy natural alternatives




GHILLI® understands the importance of this; and therefore, offers water infused with the essence of natural herbs that enhance your health. We have incorporated the unique ImmuTic Technology in our products, which aids in the overall well-being of the mind andthe body.

Our ImmuTic technology is a combination of natural prebiotic, natural bio  protectants, and herbal actives. The triune combination has significant health benefits. it helps the body and the mind relax. As a rich source of fiber, it improves the overall health of the gut and the digestive system. The triune combination is also known to be beneficial in managing arthritis,  hypertension, and diabetes

Our Features

Innovative ImmuTic

Aid with General Health
and Boost Immunity

Contains Natural
Prebiotic and Bioprotectants

Herbal Combinations

Effective & safe
for all ages

Halal Certified


Headquartered in Malaysia, Amipro Sdn. Bhd. is an emerging international healthcare organization. It is established with the aim of providing high-quality yet affordable solutions to people across the globe, nurturing mankind through advanced medical innovations.

With an emphasis on research, technology, and quality, we blend the advances of medical science with the fine ingredients extracted from nature to provide genuine, safe, quality, and innovative healthcare products for healthy living.

Amipro created Ze’Venir®, Novexiz®, and Ghilli®, a spin-off that provides herbal personal care products derived from botanical, all-natural active ingredients that are safe and effective to nurture our mind, body, and soul.